About Farglory Life Insurance

Founded in 1993, we are a subsidiary of the Farglory Group, and are dedicated to the development of financial insurance. In Taiwan, 1 out of 10 people is insured by us. Over the years, we have been providing online and offline professional and fitting insurance coverage planning through conventional sales personnel, group insurance, brokers, and online insurance platforms. As we have been concentrating on innovations in medical and life insurance, we continue to create value-added and user-friendly products, striving to become the most trustworthy insurance company in Taiwan.

As well as this, we have incorporated environmental (E), social (S), and economic (G) issues into our daily operations, risk management, investment and business decisions. We also adhere to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Corporate Governance 3.0, Green Finance Action Plan 2.0, and Financial Cyber Security Action Plan”, while constantly refining our entire ESG strategy. At the same time, we hold ourselves to a higher standard and have published sustainability reports in advance for many years on our own initiative fully disclosing ESG sustainability issues aimed at the development of a sustainable brand. In doing so, our stakeholders including shareholders, employees, policyholders, authorities, and suppliers will gain a sense of comprehension as to our dedication.

At Farglory Life, we will insist on putting into play our support in social security of insurance by following our management policy of “simplicity, digital innovation and youth” while upholding the principle of “treating customers fairly”. We hope that each insurance coverage policy will accompany our customers throughout their carefree, without concerns, without worry, life journey, achieving an ideal life and realizing financial inclusion. This will promote our influence of sustainability on policyholders, the public, as well as our partners, becoming a leading sustainable company.

Farglory Life