Product Awards

We have long been observing market dynamics as a means to responding to an aging society. While emphasizing health and medical protection, we concentrate on the needs of customers. We remain true to the essence of insurance by focusing on the development of mass-market insurance products and strive to meet customer needs of all ages from the cradle to the rocking chair so that we can provide products throughout life.

We have gradually introduced high-protection life insurance, disability insurance, term medical insurance, surgical insurance, and cancer insurance products to help Taiwanese build an insurance shield. Moreover, we continue to meet consumer demand by combining different types of products such as life insurance, injury insurance, medical insurance, foreign currency policies, annuities, investment products, and group insurance. At Farglory Life, we assess our cash flows and investment strategies to increase life insurance protection limits for policyholders by providing a variety of products according to the characteristics of each platform, committing ourselves to the stable life of Taiwanese.

National Brand Yushan Award Best Product Category - First Prize

National Brand Yushan Award
Best Product Category - First Prize

Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards Corporate Excellence Inspirational Brand.

Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards Corporate Excellence Inspirational Brand

Faith, Hope and Love Award Best Product Idea

Faith, Hope and Love Award
Best Product Idea

We have launched microinsurance and small-amount whole life insurance with regards to the policies of the competent authorities, and have been awarded the “Microinsurance Outstanding Performance Award”, “Microinsurance Sustainable Care Award”, and “Outstanding Small-amount Whole Life Insurance Award” by the FSC on a number of occasions throughout the years.

  • With cancer issues being our long-standing concern, and through constantly-improving cancer prevention products, we have constructed a robust cancer medical protection network for all Taiwanese people. The “Farglory Life AI-WU-XIAN Type B Cancer Care Permanent Health Insurance Rider” provides comprehensive cancer protection with its two key features: “cancer protection” and “cancer protection and follow-up”. The product won first place at the 17th National Brand Yushan Award Best Product Category. Another is the “Farglory Life AI-WU-XIAN Type A Cancer Care Permanent Health Insurance”, which won the “Best Product Innovation Award” at the Insurance FHL.
  • With advantages such as high protection and price–performance ratio, three quality insurance policies - “Farglory Life Millennium One Year Term Life Insurance”, “Farglory Life Comforting Type B Critical Injury One Year Term Health Insurance Rider”, “Farglory Life Ai-Jia-Shou-Hu Five-Year Term Cancer Health Insurance Rider”, were selected as the top choice for one-year term insurance and catastrophic illness term insurance by Money Insurance AI Awards by the Money Magazine.
  • The friendly premium adjustment mechanism of the “Farglory Life New Wen-Xin Permanent Medical Insurance Rider (103)” also fulfills our social responsibility and was awarded the “Lifetime Medical Insurance” by SMART Magazine.
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