Bringing More Good To Life
Farglory Life adheres to its founding motto, “setting a good example by loving ourselves, treasuring families, and spreading our love,” and strives to deliver the true value of insurance.​ We implement management governance, customer service, employee care, environmental sustainability, and we give back to society while also being committed to becoming one of the most sustainable insurance companies.​

Built low-carbon green energy homes
We prevent1,320trees from being cut down each year

We save 10 million pieces of paper annually. ​
We have adopted parks and sidewalks for
nine consecutive years.​

Home carer support manpower

Giving home carers the much-needed respite they deserve,
and strength of companionship.​

Purchased7,200kg of products
from independent farmers to give back to our employees​

Friendly agricultural values - we purchase fresh products each year to look after the health of our employees.​

Care for the underprivileged Benefiting

Our corporate website was accredited with the ACCESSIBILITY AAA label.We treat our customers as family, achieving financial friendly services​.

Practice responsible investments
totaling NT$8.1billion

Awarded the “New Public Project for Long-Term Care Investment - Financial Investment Category - Excellent” by FSC​.

Accumulated assets
over NT$6,000​billion​

Highly recognized by TRC for a stable increase in business.​