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Farglory Life adheres to its founding motto, “setting a good example by loving ourselves, treasuring families, and spreading our love,” and strives to deliver the true value of insurance. “Sustainability” has become a top priority for many companies around the world. At Farglory Life, we hope to exert our influence on sustainability as it has always been our primary intention to put people first and extend our care to all the corners of Taiwan and the environment.

Net Zero and Carbon Reduction Actions
Protecting 1,000 trees from being cut down a year

Using the equivalent of 8 million fewer sheets of paper a year
Continuing to receive ISO 14064-1 Greenhouse Gases verification from British Standards Institution (BSI)

Family Care Support
Provided 13,280 hours of much-needed respite support to family caregivers

Organized 11 art therapy workshops to provide breathing room

Supporting Smallholders in Rural Areas
Purchased 17,500 kg of agricultural products from small-scale farmers as employee gifts

Promoted the values of sustainable agriculture
Year-round procurement of seasonal and abundant farm produce

Caring for Disadvantaged Groups
Provided microinsurance services to over20,000 individuals, with coverage exceeding NT$9.5 billion

Attained AAA-level accessibility for the corporate website, practicing friendly financial services

Practicing Responsible Investment
Allocated NT$16billion to support the 5+2 Innovative Industries Plan

Investment in innovative public infrastructure and long-term care projects recognized by the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC)

Taiwan Ratings
Received a twA+ rating

Strong financial capital